Drifting for Puttinu 26th December 2016

For the 5th year in a row on the 26th December the Malta Drifting Association will be holding their charity fund raiser event with Puttinu Care.  This activity has become a long waited for event, which attracts a lot of people to come and enjoy, help people in need by raising money and get drift ride experiences promoting motorsports at the same time!


This event is based on a Gymkhana.  This track is a true favourite for the passengers who will be sitting, holding on and watching how the car changes angles sharply using handbrake attacks and other techniques!


Being held at Hal Far raceway, the spectator’s area is perfect! Spectators have the opportunity to watch the drifters, creating clouds of smoke, drifting along the corners whilst deciding if they are ready to take a thrill and try this experience!  The Malta Drifting Association would like to invite everyone to come and give their share for such a good cause.