Gymkhana MT Challenge

Gymkhana Mt is back bigger and better!

Following some stand alone events in past years Gymkhana Mt is now back with a 4 round championship for 2017.

Xtreme Powersport will be bringing to you a real Gymkhana track setup and experience. Await different challenges for the 4 rounds.

Are you ready to test your skills and memory to achieve the best time with least of penalties? Then Join us on the 6th May at Hal Far Raceway from 4pm onwards for the first round of Gymkhana MT.

All participating drivers will be entitled to special discounts from our sponsors and podium winners will receive various gifts.

The competition has 3 categories:

Rear Wheel Drive – RWD Class
All Wheel Drive – AWD Class
Front Wheel Drive-FWD Class

Limited amount of participants so book your car early.

Gymkhana is a type of Motorsport, known as Motorkhana in Australia and New Zealand, and Autotesting in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Similar to autocross, the goal of gymkhana is to achieve the fastest time possible; memorizing the course is a significant part of achieving the fastest time. The name is loaned from the equestrian discipline of gymkhana.

Gymkhana events are time and/or speed events in an automobile. These can feature obstacles such as cones, tires, barrels and other props. The driver must manoeuver through a predetermined “track” performing many different driving techniques. What separates gymkhana from traditional autocross events is that the gymkhana requires drivers to perform reversals, 180 degree spins, 360 degree spins, parking boxes, figure of 8s, and other advanced skills. Drifting is also encouraged where helpful or necessary. Essentially, a gymkhana is an event featuring a starting point, a finish line and some sort of “obstacle” to get through, around, or by, all within a certain time limit.

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