Hill Climb

Keith Camilleri wins the Pennellu Hill Climb

The 5th round of the Malta Hill Climb Championship 2016/2017 was a good start by winning it. How was your preparation?

Our preparation is always the same we check out that everything in the car is fine and test it when we can, but all this means working every day of the week and even weekends, it’s not something easy.


Did you make any changes to the car?

We always make changes so we could improve the performance of the car, however before this race we made a huge change as we had to change the engine, basically it lost some power from the beginning of the championship and we didn’t have time to take out the engine during those 4 races, we had to wait for the mid-season break.


How do you prepare yourself physically and mentally?

Training and stay positive as much as I can.


Did you get the chance to find any new sponsors since round 4?

Working on it for the next season.


Is it difficult to find sponsorship in Malta?

Sponsors are never easy and especially here in Malta, but thank god I always find some group of people who would be happy to help me and for that, I would like to thank all my sponsors.


How much money roughly do you spend per race?

Not easy to answer, quite a lot especially this year.


Any plans to race abroad this year?

No, not this year but I will work hard to try and get back to racing abroad. Endurance racing is on my mind now that I’m getting old.


Thank you for your time and we wish you success in your next races.