Mark Micallef, leading the Hill Climb Championship 2016/17

Currently, you are leading the hill climb 2016/17 championship. What are your thoughts about this?
I try to win in different roads and finish all the races.


Did you do any changes since the last championship for better performance?
No just few touch ups and solved some problems which I have been suffering in the last 2 years.


Do you think the level of the other drives increased since the last championship?
The level of drivers is good. Everybody tries to do his best but today you can see good drivers from smaller classes to the biggest class.


Do you prepare mentally and physically for a hill climb event?
Yes, I try to keep myself calm and prepared for what can be done during the race.


Which hill climb location do you prefer most?
I don’t have a preference but I like to explore different roads and setups on the day and try to win at the end.


Do you have any plans for racing abroad this year?
Yes, I suppose if we have time we try to do some in Italy as usual.


How much would it cost you roughly to race both locally and abroad?
You can’t calculate and better you don’t!


If you would have the choice to race in a particular championship. What would it be?
Still hill climb most probably FIA races in Italy.


We know it’s difficult to find sponsors, especially in Malta. What is your comment about this?
A sponsor in Motorsport is always a gain to who sponsor, as we all succeed.


Do you think that a Motorsport racetrack will reduce the traffic accidents in Malta?
It will as motorheads will have somewhere to try their cars and practice their hobby in a safe way.